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Announcing Blue Skies Dev Builds
In an effort to keep the rolling release of the Blue Skies pre-alpha as up to date as possible, a dev build is added in addition to the latest "stable" release...
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Portland Retro Gaming Expo - October 2022 - v0-003
Portland Retro Gaming Expo - Saturn Lounge presented by Shiro Media Group - Twinstick exhibition build. - Hardcoded twinstick version added (later to be merged...
Segaxtreme Contest Build 2021 - January 2022 - v0-002
Contest Build. Winner of 2021 Segaxtreme Game Competition in the Homebrew Category. - Multiple courses added. - Best time can now be achieved on courses. - Flig...
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First Retro Jam Build - Fall 2021 - v0-001
First public jam build of Blue Skies. - Realistic flight physics, later simplified. - Only main island in islands biome. - One course with waypoints. - No music...
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